Taking a Break

As of this coming Saturday, I will be on vacation for three weeks. My honey and I will be road tripping around the stunning southwest, restoring and rejuvenating. There’s lots of self-care planned in the form of hot springs, massages, and basking in the glow of nature so pretty I’m not sure how I’ll ever wrap my head around it.

I am looking forward to traveling, relaxing, and soaking in mineral pools, and I hope to post about adventures in bodywork along the way, but I will not be taking appointments until my return in three weeks. I look forward to coming back revived, restored, and ready to give some amazing massages.

Mineral pools at the start of the trip

Wishing you all a happy kick-off to the summer season. I look forward to seeing you after my return on June 17. I will be checking in periodically, so please go ahead and write me at megan@bodyworkbrooklyn.com to set up your appointment for when I return.

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