It’s the Holidaze!

Christmas is exactly one week away.

A brand new year is rushing up to meet us within two. Are you ready?

Typically a celebrator of Christmas and a giver of gifts, I myself have only procured one small gift for one family member so far this year. With Thanksgiving so late and Hanukkah so early, I feel like other, now imminent, holidays snuck up really fast. Do you feel the same? Running behind on the holiday front?

I wanted to take a moment during this season of family and friends (or isolation), travel (or staying put), gifting (or feeling scroogey), and all the potential joys and stresses of the end of the year and the dawning of a new one to share a couple of reminders.

1) GIFT CERTIFICATES! GET ‘EM NOW! We can do it all over email, easy peasy. Massage is the most feel-good gift around.

2) MASSAGE + YOGA PACKAGES ARE NOW AVAILABLE! 10 classes + a massage for $200 or 5 classes + a massage for $150, available at Sacred. Both packages are a great deal, and both are an excellent way to experience my favorite yoga studio ever and my home away from home. A wonderful gift for a loved one or for yourself, which brings me to…

3) YOU ARE STILL SUPER IMPORTANT. I haven’t done a survey or anything, but I kind of get the impression that, between presents and holiday parties and various year-end obligations, ’tis the season for putting others ahead of yourself. But here’s my pro tip: self care still matters! Maybe it’s a massage, maybe it’s 5 minutes of meditation, maybe it’s a green juice to interrupt this season of imbibing. Whatever your preference, I challenge you to sneak in some self-care this week.

Wishing you a safe, happy, and healthy end to the year and a sparkling start to 2014!

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