Next Week: EveryBody Deserves a Massage!

Next week is EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week! Massage therapists across the country are pulling together to talk about the benefits of massage and to bring massage to more people. Because massage is great, and all bodies deserve it.

In the spirit of accessibility and celebration of community embodied by this event, I’ll be doing 3 things.


1) Sliding Scale Massage. All week long. By appointment. 20 sessions total. First come, first served. The sliding scale is $50-$100, whatever you can pay in that range. I’m not gonna ask any questions about your finances. I just ask that you give it a little thought and come in with what you can. To book your appointment, email with your name, number, and preferred days and times. If you’re available during the day on weekdays, you have a better chance of getting a slot, so be sure to tell me that!


2) Trade a Donation for a Discount. Make a gift to a charity of your choice. I’ll take the amount of your donation, up to $20, off the cost of your next massage. Make the gift during the week of July 13th, and I’ll honor the discount all year. Fine print: can’t be combined with other discounts.


3) Massage Giveaway! Nominate Your Favorite Do-Gooder for a Free Session. Details coming up in their very own post. Start thinking now about who deserves an hour of peaceful rejuvenation for the goodness they put out into the world. You can give a really great gift for no dollars at all!


If massage typically feels just a little out of reach, this is a great time to come in and leave feeling a whole lot better. Because every body deserves a massage, even (or maybe especially) yours.


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