Easy Giving for Really Great Living


give a massage!We’re already into Hanukkah! Mere days from the solstice! One week from Christmas! How’s that holiday shopping going?

This year, give the gift of peace, an hour of quiet, the soothing of aches and pains, compassionate touch. Massage gift certificates are at the top of my holiday list this year. Are they on yours? Do you know somebody who could use some relaxation? Send ’em my way!

Skip the hubbub of last-minute shopping and let your fingers do the walking over to Sacred’s online store and select the “gift card” option. You can purchase a massage specifically, or pick up a gift card to be used for yoga, massage, or a delicious combination of the two.

You can also pick up a SpaFinder gift card, which can be redeemed for massage with me, for yoga at Sacred, or, again, some glorious combination. They come in all denominations, and can be applied to my regular rates for massage.


Personal and Booking Notes: Looking ahead to 2015, I very much want to see you and all of your wonderful people for massage! But it is worth noting that weekend availability is extremely limited through January and early February. Please also note that I will be taking maternity in late April and May of the coming year. If either of these are a concern, I would suggest purchasing a SpaFinder card as it affords a little more flexibility.

Questions? Concerns? Want me to reach out to your loved ones to get their appointments on the books once gift cards have been gifted? Drop me a line.


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