Change is afoot at Bodywork Brooklyn!


We’ll start out with a little break, coming back later in 2015 bigger and better than ever. Well, I will probably be smaller than I am at the moment, but I’ll have more to offer. Those who have seen me in recent months have likely noted my rapidly expanding belly area and wondered how long I’d be working. As I’m expecting a baby in just a few weeks, I’m taking cues from my body and embarking on maternity leave now, before baby arrives, letting myself slow as I grow.


I like to think I am in chrysalis mode over here, taking a break to cocoon for a little bit, planning new things for summer of 2015. This past fall and winter, I participated in Sacred’s 200 hour yoga teacher training program, which was challenging, enriching, and generally life-changing. I am excited to bring some of my favorite lessons from yoga teacher training into my massage practice when I return to work. I look forward to combining massage with meditation, breath work, and physical asana for deeper relaxation and pain relief, and I am excited to share tools from yoga to help you expand your self-care and extend the benefits of massage at home on your own. If you want to stick with straightforward massage, no yoga added, rest assured that will still be an option.


I will be popping in on the blog and sharing more reflections on teacher training and prenatal massage, things that have been very much on my mind, and you are always welcome to contact me with questions, referral requests, or thoughts about bodywork (still a favorite topic), but I won’t be massaging for a little bit. I wish you a beautiful spring and look forward to seeing you later in the summer!



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